• Super Dungeon Bros - Coming soon for PC
  • Dragons Adventure - Windows 8
  • Woz with a Coz - iOS
  • Archon Classic - iOS and Steam
  • Celebs Run Wild - iOS
  • Brrrd Brawl - iOS
  • Presidents Run - iOS and Andriod
  • Cyber Defense - iOS and Andriod



Super Dungeon Bros

Super Dungeon Bros started as a game created in 10 days for a competition. From this quick and humble beginning it turned into Reacts first title designed and created for consoles. Look for the demo launching on your favorite console soon.

Dragons Adventure

Partnering with Dreamworks and Nokia, Dragons Adventure utilises Nokia's "Here" technology to transform map data into a virtual world designed around the "How to Train Your Dragon" IP. It is Reacts biggest title to date and has launched to a plethora of positive reviews.

Celebs Run Wild

Another take on distance running games. This time we went more over the top with difficulty, obstacles, and deaths. We partnered with Skillz to incorporate a betting system so you could win some money… if you're good enough.

Vengence: Woz with a Coz

React worked with ITN flix to advertise the release of the film "Vengeance". This was our shout out to old school gaming. The pixelated art style and difficulty are reminiscent of the days of the NES.

Presidents Run

Adopting a free-to-play model, React released this iOS title for the app store on March 16th. Presidents Run is a 2D distance running game built on a modified vision of our current 3D engine. The game featured an in-app store, leader-boards, as well as Facebook and Twitter integration.

Cyber Defense

Our take on a tower defense game, only you're manning the towers with real guns! This little beauty was our most downloaded game for a long time.

Helam: A Stripling Warrior Quest

Developed in collaboration with Excel Entertainment. Produced in just under a year, the near AAA game was released for both PC and Mac on November 1st to positive reviews. The game features a unique combat system, and an original storyline and music score.

Lego Star Wars

A Facebook game which allowed you to build your own unique ship out of legos. The first game ever to let you do this.


The seed of the company, this is what started it all. Our fondness for Archon lead to React remaking this classic game and sending it out for another generation to enjoy with updates like multiple play modes with multiplayer options.