About React! Games

React! Games was founded in November, 2008, after game industry veteran Chad Lee acquired the rights to his favorite game, Archon. In 2009, React! Games launched Archon to iOS, followed by Archon: Classic for Steam in 2010. React is located in Salt Lake City, Utah, and currently has 40 employees, with many team members being with the company for over 5 years.

We’ve worked on a large variety of projects with companies like Disney, Hasbro, Dreamworks, Chaotic Moon, Microsoft, Intel, EA, Sega, and Nokia. Our projects have seen wide release on mobile, PC, consoles, and social media. Our primary development engine is Unity, and we’ve published 38 of our 50+ projects with that tool. We have several proprietary toolsets, including VR/AR technologies and Unity-specific tools.

We are known for fun gameplay and innovative design. Even on small budgets, we are able to produce interesting games that get high praise from their core fan base. We are obsessed with high quality, and we follow our games post launch to improve the game and meet its community’s needs. We have internal teams for system development, art, engineering, and marketing, and we can work with your team to create the best game for your community.

Our company’s values start at the top, and our founder Chad Lee has been in the industry since 1994. Chad started as an artist with Acclaim Studios, and has worked on titles such as WWF Warzone and Mortal Kombat 2. After leaving Acclaim Studios, Chad moved to Axiom Design, working on art assets for clients like Dreamworks, MGM, Universal, Sony, Cartoon Network, and Disney. In 2000, Chad created his own animation studio and worked with several clients, including Mattel, Origin Studios, and UCE. Chad founded React! Games in 2008 and continues his leadership role as the studio’s CEO and Creative Director.

Our Chief Financial Officer Jim Oldham has been a strong business voice for several companies since 1996. His ownership and operational leadership background includes several multimillion companies, including Wasatch Construction Group and Organizational Solutions Network. Now, he dedicates his knowledge and experience to React! Games, overseeing the daily financial and HR activities. Jim regularly finds the best talent to join our team and focuses on the growth of the company.

React! Games has attracted many of the best industry minds, including Technical Director Tyler LaGrange, Art Lead Aaron Houston, and Lead Designer Chad Wilson. Our management team has over 100 years collective experience in the gaming industry, and we use that experience to attract and grow the careers of bright new stars right out of college.

Our awards include Best Social Game, Audience Choice, Most Popular Game on Desura, Top Ten Social Games on indiegames.com, and several features on various Staff Picks and What’s Hot on iTunes and other platforms.

We’ve successfully worked on several high-profile IPs and created our own games. We are ready to show you our work. Investors can contact us for a full list of projects and information about how we will build your game.


We are a Unity Studio, although we have developed games and non-games on other engines and with proprietary tech. When we’ve run into obstacles that Unity cannot overcome, we create our own solutions and tools, including the following:

  • R-UI, allowing developers to import PSD files and create NGUI-friendly Unity prefabs,
  • React ED Tiles, enabling designers to quickly layout and build entire levels, and
  • React Art Environment Pack, containing stylized top-down environments for mobile deployment.

We have developed prototypes and projects for Oculus VR and Gear VR, and we are working on prototypes for mobile AR games and other VR platforms. We have created new technologies, such as proprietary geo location engines that create 3D augmented worlds based on real-world maps.

We are currently developing multiple prototypes for our clients that include non-gaming interactive products and social VR experiences. We’ve created new tech for clients that allow customers to link products with a mobile app, and we’ve retrofitted existing apps with Unity for simpler updates and better customer experiences.

We never say that something is impossible. If something has never been done before, it’s just that we haven’t worked on it yet. We always go above and beyond what the project calls for, whether we are providing services on an existing platform or creating an all-new system from scratch.

We are happy to provide a full list of our projects and prototypes to prospective clients. Contact us for more information.